I wanted to share this about my dear friend, Kimberly Kravitz

I wanted to share this about Kimberly today. She tested positive for COVID-19. Kimberly is a great support to this podcast and has been a guest when we chatted about when I started the COVID-19 research vaccine trial late last year. Please check out her website, http://www.kimberlyjkravitz.com to see her awesome work.

I hope that you feel better soon Kimberly!!! We can’t wait to see you back on NJNN soon with tons of love

Sorry that I haven’t done a podcast or post

I apologize that I haven’t done anything like a podcast since 2/7/21 or a post in a little bit. I have been sick.

I started to join this Aztra Zeneca COVID 19 vaccine research trial in November and I have been have had prolonged coughing and have been straining my voice.

I have been told that I have an upper respiratory infection and was tested twice for COVID and came out negative. Hopefully I should be better for my 50th birthday soon!!!

In the meantime, I want you to check out some websites for awesome information and entertainment

Please check out Model Carol Alt, a great friend by going to her website, http://www.carolalt.com. She has recipes and other great information that may be of interest

If you’re a Wonder Woman fan like I am, please check out my friend, Vivian Ireene Pierce by purchasing her videos, etc at http://www.vivianbound.com

I also have great reporter friends, one is Kimberly Kravitz. Check out her website, Kimberlyjkravitz.com and click the link to her EBay store and other stores

Heather Fordham is another great reporter. Check out her website, heatherfordham.com

New podcast out today and I tear apart the New Jersey Casino Control Commission

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: I rip the New Jersey Casino Control Commission and I thank people and mention my week in review https://anchor.fm/lifewithjoeycalvo/episodes/I-rip-the-New-Jersey-Casino-Control-Commission-and-I-thank-people-and-mention-my-week-in-review-en3joi

Please Subscribe to Kimberly Kravitz’s YouTube Channel

I have a wonderful Emmy winning Producer, Journalist and awesome friend, Kimberly Jade Kravitz who has an awesome YouTube channel that I would like all my viewers to subscribe to!!

You can also go to Kimberlyjkravitz.com and check it out for yourself!!

https://youtu.be/UXB-9I-KZZA is one of her latest videos!!!