Gotta check out Jayna Swan

Jayna Swan is a very beautiful love & intimacy coach who will be my guest on the Podcast on October 4th. It will be live streamed on the “Life with Joey Calvo” YouTube channel! Please subscribe to the “Life with Joey Calvo” YouTube channel and please follow @jayna.swan on Instagram!!

I have to promote Lynda Lucia Carter

This is Lynda Lucia Carter, aka Lynda Carter Cosplayer. This was much awaited request for a hair falling transformation from the truly beautiful Diana Prince into the truly beautiful Wonder Woman. Please follow @lyndacartercosplayer on Instagram!!!

If you love Wonder Woman like I do

You should check out Lynda Lucia Carter from Columbia!!! If you have Facebook &/or Instagram, please follow @lyndacartercosplayer on Instagram and Lynda Carter Cosplayer on Facebook!!!

Hopefully one day she will come on the Podcast and chat about how she got into Cosplay and how Wonder Woman became her

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