I have a friend named Desta

Desta is a single mother who I got to know over the past couple of years. She is very caring and unfortunately, the floor fell below her when the person she stayed with asked her to move outDes

Desta has set up a GoFundMe campaign to look for an apartment for her and her children. Every $1 will help her.

Please go to https://gofund.me/77da4bae and please help me help Desta

Let’s help NorEaster Nick help residents in Mullica Hill, NJ

NorEaster Nick Pittman has set up a page to help those affected by Tropical Depression Ida who lost their homes and more

Doing a GoFundMe Campaign to improve my Broadcast Skills

I started a GoFundMe campaign last year to go to Broadcasting school to improve the Podcast plus go into a career as a On Air Radio Personality. This has been one of dreams for years. I was always a huge fan of Howard Stern’s

Please share this link with everyone. All contributions will truly be appreciated!!

Thank you in advance!!!!

gf.me/u/x25x4j is the website

I started a GoFundMe campaign

I started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to be used for a security deposit, moving expenses, packing supplies to pay any arrears of my rent where I am now to move into an affordable housing apartment in a safer location

Please share this with your friends & family. Thank you all for your support