I am doing another party for a colleague of mine, Lynda Monaghan for a company called Norwex


So I am doing a “Party” through a colleague of mine, Lynda Monaghan. So check out this website and you can find great products. The link is above and goes throughout the month of February


New podcast out today and I tear apart the New Jersey Casino Control Commission

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: I rip the New Jersey Casino Control Commission and I thank people and mention my week in review https://anchor.fm/lifewithjoeycalvo/episodes/I-rip-the-New-Jersey-Casino-Control-Commission-and-I-thank-people-and-mention-my-week-in-review-en3joi

I am on a COVID-19 Research Study

Last night, I started in a research study for the COVID-19 vaccine. Volunteers are needed across the U.S. so if you’re interested, contact your local Research Study Center to see if they are doing it or any other studies that may interest you

This study I am on will be for 2 years. I will be doing podcasts about my journey on this study

I started a GoFundMe campaign

I started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to be used for a security deposit, moving expenses, packing supplies to pay any arrears of my rent where I am now to move into an affordable housing apartment in a safer location

Please share this with your friends & family. Thank you all for your support