I am on a COVID-19 Research Study

Last night, I started in a research study for the COVID-19 vaccine. Volunteers are needed across the U.S. so if you’re interested, contact your local Research Study Center to see if they are doing it or any other studies that may interest you

This study I am on will be for 2 years. I will be doing podcasts about my journey on this study

I started a GoFundMe campaign

I started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to be used for a security deposit, moving expenses, packing supplies to pay any arrears of my rent where I am now to move into an affordable housing apartment in a safer location

Please share this with your friends & family. Thank you all for your support


Please Subscribe to Kimberly Kravitz’s YouTube Channel

I have a wonderful Emmy winning Producer, Journalist and awesome friend, Kimberly Jade Kravitz who has an awesome YouTube channel that I would like all my viewers to subscribe to!!

You can also go to Kimberlyjkravitz.com and check it out for yourself!!

https://youtu.be/UXB-9I-KZZA is one of her latest videos!!!

Indoor Dining

In Philadelphia, some restaurants are now having inside dining at 25% capacity, not McDonald’s, but I am ok because I do takeout anyway

Starting Monday, Gov Tom Wolf (D) of PA will increase the capacity to 50%, but not Philadelphia. Philadelphia wants to see how the suburbs fare before they do it

If you are in New Jersey, Indoor dining is also capped at 25% capacity. I had a friend who was happy to go to Hooter’s in Atlantic City and enjoy a belated birthday meal for himself. Glad he enjoyed that. I will wait eventually to see if buffets will ever open again!!

Let’s help Model Carol Alt with this project!!!

This will have a link where you can help Model Carol Alt helping these precious rescue kittens

Here is a poll for you!! Comment your answer!!

I have a poll for you!!!!

Subject: Game Shows

ABC has rebooted Match Game on ABC, PRESS YOUR LUCK, Card Sharks ABC, To Tell The Truth, & this fall, Leslie Jones will host Supermarket Sweep.

I thought about hosting a game show!! (I am not a big fan of wearing suits though!!)
What game show reboot should I bring back? Comment your answer below:

A) Concentration
B) Hollywood Squares
C) Tattle Tales
D) Tic Tac Dough
E) Insert your favorite game show to be rebooted