To all you Affiliate Marketers that Follow this website

To all of you Affiliate Marketers that follow this website, I do my own affiliate marketing and don’t need other affiliate marketers because if you think following this website is going to get people to your websites, it’s not going to happen

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The Podcast about Scleroderma is out with a challenge to you

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Scleroderma

I am putting out a challenge to those that visit this website. I want you to donate $5 to the website and I want you to mention that you did from the “Life with Joey Calvo” Podcast

Thank you Eric Essix for coming on the Podcast

Got this autographed copy of his latest CD, “Songs From The Deep” yesterday

Eric was on the Podcast last week and we chatted about his latest single, which is now the most played song every day!! (literally!!) I have to hear this song at least 4 times a day, plus on the Podcast, I play the song itself

You can go to Eric’s website and check him out for yourself,

Doing a GoFundMe Campaign to improve my Broadcast Skills

I started a GoFundMe campaign last year to go to Broadcasting school to improve the Podcast plus go into a career as a On Air Radio Personality. This has been one of dreams for years. I was always a huge fan of Howard Stern’s

Please share this link with everyone. All contributions will truly be appreciated!!

Thank you in advance!!!! is the website