Welcome to “Life with Joey Calvo”

Hi and Welcome to “Life with Joey Calvo”. I am a Customer Service Representative from Philadelphia who was looking for a new challenge in my life. Since I do too much talking from Tuesday-Saturday, might as well do more with it.

So I started “Life with Joey Calvo”. I have a podcast on http://www.podbean.com and also have a YouTube channel with the same name. Please subscribe to the YouTube channel and subscribe to the podcast as well.

We will be running the spectrum from health to politics and chat with celebrities and other important people about life itself. I hope for the podcast that I will be able to interview a Credit Consultant to help you improve your credit score and also talk with celebrities about their careers and other Podcast hosts about how they got started.

So come on the journey with me and subscribe to the “Life with Joey Calvo” YouTube Channel and also the “Life with Joey Calvo” podcast on podbean.com

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