Happy 2022

This first blog of the new year is not a great one.

I have tested positive for COVID-19 on Sunday night and now in the Emergency room. I am vaccinated but was working on getting the booster before this

If you have not gotten vaccinated yet, please do!! It will not only save you but it will save others and once you get the first shots, please get the booster because it will improve your protection

A Philadelphia Icon Today

Today’s podcast was awesome even with delays. I had the honor to chat with Miss Patty Jackson, a Philadelphia media icon. We chat about her career & her podcast that she has called “Patty & the Millennials”

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Life with Miss Patty Jackson https://anchor.fm/lifewithjoeycalvo/episodes/Life-with-Miss-Patty-Jackson-e1ab1l3

Wonder Woman’s 80th Anniversary

I love Wonder Woman since the 70’s with Lynda Carter and have the Wonder Woman movies by Gal Gadot

I fell in love with this Wonder Woman Cosplayer fron Columbia named Lynda Lucia Carter and I have promoted her on this blog and hair falling transformations on this blog

To celebrate Wonder Woman’s 80th Anniversary, I am sharing with you another Wonder Woman Transformation from Season 3 done by Lynda Carter Cosplayer


New Podcasts will be happening over the next 2 weeks!!!

Over the next 2 weeks on the “Life with Joey Calvo” YouTube channel, I will have not 1, but 2 great podcasts!!!!

Wednesday at 10am ET, from the CBS hit drama, “Blue Bloods”, actor Gregory Jbara

Saturday, 10/23, my guest will be a fellow beautiful podcaster, Taylor Edgecomb and we will chat about how she got started

So hot October “Hotober” continues on!!!!

Join me on the “Life with Joey Calvo” YouTube Channel next Wednesday!!!

Next Wednesday, live at 10am ET, I will have as my guest, from the hit CBS series, “Blue Bloods”, Gregory Jbara, who plays Deputy Commissioner Garrett Moore on the show!!!

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Then join me for this awesome podcast on Wednesday, October (Hotober) 13th at 10am ET on the “Life with Joey Calvo” YouTube channel!!!!

October is about to become “Hotober”!!!!

For October, I got 3 possibly awesome podcasts coming up!!!!!

Monday, 10/4, Love & Intimacy Coach, Jayna Swan

Monday 10/11, Adult artist & YouTube channel host, Lexi Swarm

Week of 10/18 (finalizing) from the hit CBS Drama, “Blue Bloods”, Actor Gregory Jbara!!!

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I had to share some TRUTH

I wanted to share this from a classmate of mine, Sheri Magdaleno.

LOVE. Anything outside of that is illusion. I’m not talking the human facets of “love”. I’m talking the singular truth of unity. LOVE. Love that transcends emotion. The ever constant, never changing, boundless, unfathomable that we all are but no one chooses because illusion is the desire. Corrupted. Illusion is subjective because it “could”, truth IS. A constant cannot be subjective ….it’s objective.

Gotta check out Jayna Swan

Jayna Swan is a very beautiful love & intimacy coach who will be my guest on the Podcast on October 4th. It will be live streamed on the “Life with Joey Calvo” YouTube channel! Please subscribe to the “Life with Joey Calvo” YouTube channel and please follow @jayna.swan on Instagram!!


I have to promote Lynda Lucia Carter

This is Lynda Lucia Carter, aka Lynda Carter Cosplayer. This was much awaited request for a hair falling transformation from the truly beautiful Diana Prince into the truly beautiful Wonder Woman. Please follow @lyndacartercosplayer on Instagram!!!